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How to go natural: omit the perm and pack on the weave.

I have been natural for four years now. Only twice have I worn weave (braids); however, I have worn protective styles often.  I don’t have anything against using weave and or wigs to give oneself a break; however, I am seeing a new trend of weave dependency taking place in the natural hair community.

Women are foregoing the creamy crack and going straight to the weave. It’s a new dependency that we are creating. We are calling this “protective styling” but what is weave really protecting us from? Weave is protecting our egos.We don’t have to get the stares or questions as to why we went natural when we put weave on. We don’t have to be worried about being told we look boyish in our natural. We don’t have to worry about being dismissed because some shallow guy doesn’t like our natural hair. Or worst of all being called and or feeling ugly. Weave is a great shield to one’s ego.

Ladies you may find weave “convenient” but why not challenge these ideologies? Why not show others all of the beauty we manifest as women of color? Why not dispel the myth that black women with natural are not beautiful? Why not learn how to take care of what grows out of our scalp?

This is what the natural hair movement was once about. We can foster a nation of girls who love their hair and know how to take care of it, or we can continue down this path of teaching self hate and dependency. I would love to see the first for our future generation. I don’t want my daughter’s to grow up questioning their beauty. I don’t want my daughters to feel inadequate because of what grows out of their scalp. I don’t want them to feel ugly without the use of weave because I know what that feel like. I was once their.

I say NO MORE!! If you don’t feel your most beautiful with your natural hair, I would encourage you to sit down and meditate on why that is and than work on dispelling the lies you were told. Darling you are fearfully and wonderfully made. No amount of perm and or weave will ever change or enhance that.

“If you have no confidence in self. You are twice defeated in the race of life. With confidence you have won even before you have started.” Marcus Garvey



A berry beautiful fall lipstick.

Ladies here is a beautiful berry lipstick that you could… no you should, wear this fall. It’s Inglot 412 matte lipstick. It stays very well and because it is a matte you should put on some balm before applying but I didn’t notice it to be drying at all. This lippie is definitely one you should give a try. What are some of your favorite fall lipsticks you rock in the fall?


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“She’s pretty in pink” (lipstick)

I usually try to keep my lipsticks in a price range of 3-20 dollars; however, this Jorijia lipstick by Kevyn Aucoin lured me in. I will say that it is worth every penny. I have NEVER tried on a lipstick that is so smooth and yet so vibrant. This lipstick feels like butter. The pigment is great as well and I got so many compliments when I was out with the kids. So ladies what do you think? Have you tried this lipstick? Do you have any dupes in mind for this lipstick? I would love to hear from you. Thanks again for stopping by.

IMG_2111 (2) IMG_2116 (2)

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The perfect blush pink lipstick for fall.

If you are a brown girl like myself, than you have to go out and get yourself this lippie. This lipstick is beautiful on all skin types. If you are of a lighter tone I would think you too should give it a try. finding blush pink lipsticks can be a daunting task  for us dark skinned brown girls. Am I right chicas?

This lipstick glides on perfectly and doesn’t show any cracks. One of the best parts is that it doesn’t require a lip liner. If you are as busy as I am, than I know you are already sold.  Ladies if you have been searching for a blush pink I implore you to give this lipstick by Inglot Cosmetics (145) a try.

IMG_2179 (2)

Ladies please tell what you think of this lipstick? What’s your favorite blush pink? If you do buy it please come back and comment on your experience and how it worked for you. Thanks again for stopping by. Tootles!

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Belize date night jewelry ensemble (From the Wrap life)

Although I would love the accolades, that comes from being called a minimalist, my character is far from that. Especially when it comes to packing for a vacation. My husband always complains that I pack more than double of what I need on a trip. But does one really want to go without an essential item when one needs it the most? I am sure we have all felt the pain in our pockets or elsewhere from forgetting lotion (Ashy attack) and or sunscreen (Red apple burn) while on vacation. I have definitely felt the pain, thus I refuse to let it happen again.

I promise to work on not over packing as much as I have previously. I know this new purchase of jewelry doesn’t help either but when I saw them I just had to have them in my life. This fly chick wants to captivate her man for the day. I love statement jewelry because you can dress up or down. The jewelry does the talking for you.  How would you rock this jewelry ladies? Please post down in the comments below